Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall in the Air

Tonight... I felt Fall in the air. Fall is subtler to feel and find down here in the South. It doesn't come with the first nippy bite of cold right after Labor Day, or the crisp smell of piled up dead summer leaves and an early morning frost. Nevertheless, today the light had a certain coldness and autumn-ness to it, when things look so bright yet warm. This light is different from the dead heat of summer light, which gives everything a sort of haze and lethargy.

We took a long walk down Braes Bayou with Klaus, the ever inquisitive schnoodle. The City of Houston let the grass grow long and wild along the banks of the severe, industrial bayou, giving it almost a bit of a wild feel. I saw some herons piddling about in the water, and the grass was full of the song of crickets. Some small sunflowers grew along the banks too, but there were no other flowers. The heat of summer was only full of grass that had gone to seed.

Even though we're so surrounded by industry and buildings and concrete here in Houston, there's still little pockets of the natural world to find in the city. You just have to look!

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