Friday, October 15, 2010

What A Nice Way To End A Long Week

I just checked my email, and saw that Adam Buchanan, a sales rep of some sort for PROBAR, sent me a message. He said that I sounded like a serious fan and that I had won a bunch of free PROBARS! It is true, I am a huge fan of these bars. I suppose this was all prompted after I sent the PROBAR people a message via their Facebook wall, after an interesting incident:

I've eaten a Pro Bar (Art's Original Blend, my favorite) every morning for almost a year now. I left to go into the field for about a week, and when I came back I noticed that a tiny green sprout had shot up, of all places, right in my bathroom sink! Perhaps it was one of the flax or other types of seeds in Pro Bars, I don't know, but I like to think that all the ingredients in Pro Bars are so minimally processed so that this could happen! (I haven't ruled out the possibility that the sprout sprang up from a seed that came from a salad or something, but, one of the ubiquitous things in Probars are the flax seeds). Anyway, I love Pro Bars (just ordered another box from Amazon). They really start my day perfectly, along with some sips of a double espresso Americano... mmm.

I've never "won" anything like this before. I remember one time in college I wrote a (hand-written, snail mail) letter to Entenmann's, a bakery company up North that makes the most amazing soft chocolate chip cookies. I asked them whether they were considering expanding their cookies to the South. They actually wrote back, in what seemed like a form letter, but I didn't win any free cookies. Not that I was hoping too. Their cookies are so good that everytime I go home I buy a box.

Anyway, the PROBAR people have it right! After 2 years of eating one of these bars pretty much every day for breakfast, I still love them. And they seem to take their fans' passion seriously!

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