Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some Fauna amidst all the Flora

Next to the Rice Geology building and abutting against the Biology building is a tiny garden. Recently some milkweed was planted there. Houston's Big Freeze killed a lot of the previous plants - it was sad to see the big paddles of the cactus fall off and wither :-( Anyway, these new milkweed plants flourished for maybe a week or two. Then a really hot day came and they started to wilt a bit. Then came the final deathblow... an army of Monarch butterfly caterpillars. Big, fat, jailhouse striped ones. The last time I saw a Monarch butterfly caterpillar, believe it or not, was in kindergarten when we raised Monarchs from caterpillars in this concerted effort to increase the overall population. (Of course, since that time I've seen lots of monarch butterflies... but I always miss the caterpillars).

And here's a green anole that was there too:

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