Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rock Collection

I've finally gotten around to displaying some of my better rock, mineral, and fossil specimens, thanks to getting a big new bookshelf that had some leftover space. I still have lots more rocks and minerals... wrapped in tissue paper in shoeboxes. Of the ones shown below, I collected all the rocks and a few of the minerals myself. The anorthosite (sort of a rare rock on Earth.. but common on the Moon!) is from Laramie, WY. The green stuff in it is actinolite. The basalt is from Craters of the Moon, ID (technically not legally collected... but it was SUCH a beautiful piece). The Eocene leaf fossils are from Wyoming. The mafic enclave is from the Sierra Nevada. The staurolites are from western Alabama... undergrad structural geology trip. The chert is from Utah, although chert is everywhere (including even Texas). The lepidolites are from the Harding Pegmatite in New Mexico. The Nautilus is not yet a fossil.

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