Saturday, March 12, 2011


I once had a hedgehog, but it died of old age. It was a cool pet.

Last year during the Rodeo (I didn't go, but my roommate did and brought back this contraption), we transformed the hedgehog into a hedgepig:

Now I have a goldfish in a bowl in my office - which is doing surprisingly well (he even outlasted my two basil plants, which were killed in the recent freeze). I think his whole little ecosystem has finally reached steady state, after a bit of a rough start (massive algal bloom, aggressive guppies, not using filtered water). Apparently, according to my office mate, fish have a 3 second memory. That would mean that every time our fish sees us, we're like a new person to him. I guess that's kind of cool in a sense.

Been feeling not as productive lately, and I think it's because I get so easily interrupted during the day with various random things. I'm actually really looking forward to the weekend to being alone, and getting a chance to do some work uninterrupted... once I finish grading 16 more papers. Favorite answer so far: "The satellite (i.e. planetary satellite) is like made of rock and metals." Seriously!

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Phinally Philippines said...

aww the hedgepig!!! love the snout thing, haha.
and the answer in that paper seems legit enough to me... A+!