Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring, however fleeting, is here in Houston

March this year felt more like the beginning of spring than other years. And in particular, these past few days, things have been cool, damp, and blooming. There is that pale and vivid green, like "petals on a wet black bough" (T.S. Eliot), which meekly shows itself before the heat weighs down on the trees and gives them their heavy color. On a recent trip to New Orleans 2 weeks ago, I noticed the first signs of spring on our drive back home across the lake, where things are much more wild, and there are swamps and overgrown places, even encroaching on the highway. This is the time when the wild places awake from the hazy winter, but the brief time before the burden of summer heat descends.

This time will not last long - soon it will get hot again. The saucer magnolia has bloomed and gone in a matter of days, soon the pink evening primroses will peek out from among the disturbed places. I'm enjoying the cool nights with the windows wide open while I can.

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