Sunday, October 21, 2012

A walk in the Parc de la Tete d'Or

Yesterday, the weather was incredibly warm (mid 70's), and it was actually sunny and clear.  The weather in Lyon is really mercurial.  One day, it will be cold, rainy, and foggy, the next (or even in the latter part of the same day), all of that will blow away and the sun will come out.  Since it was Saturday, and nice out, I decided to go up to the Parc de la Tete d'Or.  I had been there one time before a couple weeks ago, but the weather was pretty bad so I didn't stay long.  This time I got to see more of the park, and some new birds too!  Those include little grebe, black-headed gull, greylag goose (I think that's what those were, but the bird book says I shouldn't be seeing them around here right now... so maybe they're something else, or domesticated), coal tit, blue tit, and my favorite one, the European robin.  I didn't bring my DSLR with me, so I just had binoculars and a small point & shoot camera.  Amazingly, this little robin hopped out right in front of me as I was approaching to examine something on a tree.  It paused long enough for me to actually get a somewhat decent photo (on a camera that has like 4x zoom).  It was cool to watch them, they're shy bird but they will occasionally hop out right into the open and sort of look at you quizzically. 

I was inspired to draw one.  For some reason, I serendipitously had a pen that was almost the exact orange of the robin!

Some more photos from the park:

This is the incredibly ornate front gate to the park. 

I thought this was a cool play on "Lyon".

Greylag goose? Also some lovely autumn colors.  Nice to experience a real fall again.

Reminds me of burr oak acorns, must be some Eurasian Quercus.

Sycamore tree bark.  Or maybe it's London plane tree - how does one tell the difference?

A magpie in a tree ablaze with autumn colors. 

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